My Why

How has Covid impacted your life?

Rowing the North Atlantic is a daunting, almost mad chore for any person! Then there’s Tom, whose only rowing experience has been at the gym or the local lake.

Does this mean he should back down? Maybe. But that’s not Tom’s style. 

More at home in the hills than he is on the water, the sea and its myriad perils have frankly always intimidated Tom!

Ironically, it’s this fear that drives him to take up the challenge. His “life ethos,” if you will, has always been to develop mental resilience by running towards the things that rightfully scare people. Because, though daunting, the very act of confronting fear helps us grow as people. 

At least, that’s his philosophy–and he’s putting it to the ultimate test this time!

What does this have to do with the Atlantic Ocean??

Nothing… and everything! Here’s how Tom puts it:

Waves are a metaphor for life. 

Ups, downs. Storms. Major swells and calm seas…

When we learn to effectively deal with such constant changes, only then can we navigate the oceans of our lives

Tom knows first hand how crucial it is to tend to our mental health needs, especially in this era of ever-rising problems. 

His cure? Sports and exercise!

That’s not an original “Tom” idea. Doctors have advised us for decades that sports and exercise elevate mood and mental well-being. The benefits are long-backed by science. Tom’s idea is simply to raise awareness of this known truth—by rowing across the North Atlantic!