Tom Waddington flipping a tractor tyre

Tom Waddington is a Yorkshireman living in Switzerland, where he works as a ski instructor and runs his own ski school. Tom is focused on achieving quality in all that he does. As well as a ski instructor, he is also the highest level of both trainer and examiner for the next generation of British ski instructors. In addition to this, he has represented Great Britain at Interski, a congress of ski nations that happens every four years, where each country showcases their best instructors. He is also a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Le Chable, as well as a qualified personal trainer. 

In addition to skiing, Tom has been committed to training full time for this expedition, completing 400 hours of on sea experience to date, and worked with world class coaches. This includes multi day expeditions, overnight rowing, routing in bad weather conditions and getting to know how to live and create efficient routines on the boat.  The safety  requirement for the Mid Atlantic crossing is 150 hours of on sea experience. Tom has far exceeded this and plans to complete some longer day expeditions in the UK as well a commiting to an intense fitness program this winter. A combination of experience, feedback from coaches and full commitment to this expeditions means that Tom is ready to give everything to this expedition and is prepped for success.

Tom has always been fascinated by sports science, training, and nutrition and is preparing thoroughly for his arduous North Atlantic journey, working with sleep scientists, sports scientists, sports psychologists, and endurance nutritionists so that both his mind and body are ready for the ultimate test. 


Charlie Pitcher


Master carpenter, Boat builder, professional sailor and world record holder who has completed many solo Ocean rowing crossings.



Double Guiness world record holder, rowed the Atlantic spending 138 days at sea. Specialises in rowing technique and safety for Ocean rowing.



A Performance Psychologist working with Tom to help him manage his motivation and mental coping strategies whilst crossing solo.



Head of Performance Nutrition at English Institute of Sport. Helping Tom get the right strategy for nutrition for his crossing and training.