Partnering in this project provides a fantastic opportunity to support mental health awareness and to benefit from the wide publicity around this record breaking attempt and it’s values. The goals and spirit of the expedition will credibly align a brand with attributes such as: AdventureChallengeSurmounting ObstaclesMental WellnessGetting Physically Active.

Organisations perform better when employees are healthy and motivated. Mind Oar Matter presents a unique opportunity to engage employees, clients and stakeholders in the process of exercising (cycling, running, walking etc) to Match-the-Miles that Tom is rowing. Whether it’s a competition between departments, or the whole company joining together as one, to accumulate completed miles (out of office hours) that equates to crossing the Atlantic. This unifies your organisation and improves mental wellness through exercise of all involved.

In addition, Tom can provide an exciting insight into his incredible experience, as well as expanding on topics that align with your company’s goals and key messages. Whether it is after dinner speeches or talks at your office for staff, clients or stakeholders. Tom can also offer workshops, PT training and experience sessions to employees prior and post expedition. Your staff can be inspired and benefit from Tom’s knowledge on both physical and mental wellness through movement, as well as ambition and goal setting.

If you are interested in partnering with Tom for this world record attempt, we would be very keen to discuss bespoke sponsorship opportunities with you, working closely with your marketing departments to deliver targeted ROI, that supports your company’s existing marketing and PR strategies. Please feel free to download the sponsorship deck, and if you are interested to hear how the package can be tailored to your specific requirements and what it could include, please get in touch to receive the follow-up document which outlines the details.

If you are not in a position to  go into partnership with Tom on this project, but would still like to support him, then maybe the 250 Club would be of interest.