Facts & Trivia

15 frightening facts & trivial tidbits

  • 0 toilets—rowers use buckets that are emptied into the deep
  • 1 man—with only one person on board, rowers might make imaginary friends, converse with fishes, or talk (and pray) to God! 
  • 10 liters—amount of water consumed per day 
  • 12 kilograms—average amount of weight expected to be lost 
  • 24 hours—rowers row constantly all day, with two-hour breaks between sleep and rest. Expect sleep deprivation! 
  • 30 hurricanes—in 2020, a record-shattering number of storms originated in the Atlantic 
  • 38 days—number of days it took biology teacher Bryce Carlson to row across the North Atlantic 
  • 55 days—number of days it took for the first North Atlantic Ocean row, made by Norwegian-born Americans on August 1, 1896, from Manhattan, New York, to England’s Isles of Scilly
  • 60’ freakin’ feet—freakish Atlantic currents can drive waves as high as 60 ft. in the air!
  • 450 miles—the distance of the International Space Station from the Earth’s surface
  • 800 wipes—number of sheets of toilet paper that’ll get used!
  • 1981—all rows between 1896 to 1981 are called Historic Ocean rows due to lack of modern technology availability
  • 2,060 miles—the length of the ocean from North America and Europe
  • 5,000 calories—average number of calories burned per day
  • $100,000 US Dollars—the amount of money it can take to make an expedition